Our structural engineers combine expertise in a variety of fields: design dynamic and seismic , conventional and geometrically complex structures in the design of new artifacts in the restoration and consolidation of existing structures through specific technologies to make minimally invasive procedures. They work with architects as an integral part of the design team , from conception to completion, providing them with support , exploring new structural possibilities and creative in order to develop innovative design solutions but at the same time economic , beautiful and sustainable. They use the most modern technological knowledge such as the use of isolators (from the technical point of view they act to limit the accelerations transmitted to the structure ) and sinks ( special devices to mitigate for dissipation in the short duration of the interval event earthquake seismic energy input on the structure ) , gaining experience in post-earthquake interventions Umbria -Marche 1997 L'Aquila in 2009 , Emilia Romagna 2012.

Some main areas of operation:

- Assessment and verification of seismic risk of existing buildings ;

- Analysis of failures and causes ;

- Design targeted , preventive and adaptation / improvement;

- Steel structures, reinforced concrete , wood, masonry and composites.